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For the past two years we've been producing a newsletter for G4S. This has replaced a newsletter which used to be sent to each of their 8 to 10,000 employees. The electronic version goes to the same number of people, saving a significant amount of money on postage and print.

The newsletter now comprises two elements; the email which gets sent out and the newsletter which the email links to. This means that employees get a summary of the contents of the email, and links to popular areas of the G4S websites, as well as the newsletter itself which is an interactive PDF.

G4S themselves receive a full analysis of the distribution, including which email addresses "bounced" or were invalid, how many staff opened the newsletter, how many times and when.

The PDF newsletter itself is a lightweigh document which contains interactive links to relevant web areas, and can be viewed on screen, or printed out by the end user, again saving significant amounts of money.


  • Client: G4S
  • Project type: eNewsletter distribution
  • Project date: Ongoing
  • URL: www.g4s.com

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