Magical Creations

Art has to move you and design does not, unless it’s a good design for a bus.(David Hockney)


  • Conjuring Documents

    All we need is a source of information such as a database, and we can conjure up any number of documents
  • Practical Magic

    Whatever we produce is of the highest quality, whether it be online or on page.
  • Light Show.

    We can generate online documents from the data source within minutes - this means we can make last minute adjustments before publication, and distribute the results for on-screen, on-line or presentations (light show!).
  • Lightening Fast

    As you saw in the Light Show, the results are immediate - for example if you wanted 10,000 business cards to be generated, we could have them with you within half an hour!
  • Ready to go

    Whether it's for online or on paper, the results are fit for purpose. For example, the business cards we spoke of in "Lightening Fast" would be ready-imposed (i.e. a predefined number of cards per sheet) with crop marks, bleed and full colour bars - even to a print profile (default FOGRA 39).


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A glittering array of applications from a simple source - save money and get organised

From a single source of information, we can generate an infinite number of publications / interactive documents

Making use of our advanced workflows, we're able to apply the Dynamic Publishing arm of our business to make every Wedding special.

CSS3 The resulting publications can also be made for viewing on iPad, iPhone, Android and Tablet formats.


We've developed a range of services to help make your wedding special. You can make your own wedding magazine, bringing in articles from your Best Man, Chief Bridesmaid(s), and any other guests you'd like to feature.

We can even bring you a magazine On the Day!