Web Services

The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.


  • Design

    Design for purpose - our designs are completely different depending on what the client wants. In the case of Princess Design, we're showcasing their beautiful kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. You get a clear idea of their ranges with plenty of pictures to browse through. In the case of Thorntons Table Tennis, the main focus is on quick access to the products you want, and a clear, simple design is required. In the case of Steve Fairclough's site, we're showcasing a great musician at work - you also need to find out where he's playing next, and how to buy tickets.

    You'll get the best possible results from your artwork whether we prepared it, or you supply the artwork.

  • CRM (customer relationship management)

    If results are what you want, you'll want instant access to them We give you access to your own admin panel, which has a live feed of customer activity. Each customer contact with your site opens a customer case which then records all customer activity.
  • Email Marketing

    Highly effective and easy for you to set up, email marketing ensures you keep your customers on-board. We send monthly email campaigns for G4S, HW Audio and Thorntons Sports and Leisure. These emails go out to tens thousands of customers each month, and we provide each customer with full analysis of the results.
  • Automated Emails

    You can set up customer cases, which means you can send a series of emails at specific intervals. Useful for marketing campaigns, and for Events Bookings.
  • Event Organisation

    Use your site to organise events. You can give full details, including location, video/information. Live display of places remaining. Automatic email confirmations.



Web services are now the most economical way of communicating with your customers. Although there's still a demand for print, web is fast becoming the preferred means of communicating. Postage costs are eliminated, and administration is made easier.

We are fully licensed for the Adobe Suite of programs. We have Adobe approval, and act as consultants on a regular basis.

Always at the cutting edge, Adobe have superceded Quark XPress (which we used to use) as the DTP program of choice. In the early days of desktop publishing, XPress definitely had the edge, as its typography was far superior to anything Adobe had to offer (at the time this was PageMaker.

However, with the advent of InDesign, the tables have turned, and Adobe has far better tools for typography, with advanced kerning options and dynamic justification, along with full implementation of the OpenType standard.

Everybody's got it - why not use it? Although Office programs are very popular, they're not well suited to print. That shouldn't stop us making use of them though. We can still take your documents and make sure you get the best out of them.


For example, with Microsoft PowerPoint, we can take your files, incorporate professional video and audio, add interactive quiz elements, and integrate the results into a Virtual Learning Environment to help with large organisation

Fully qualified sound engineers with the latest software. We use Adobe Audition, and Roland's Sonar X2 incorporating the Ultimate 8 Kontakt plugins. As we use Sonar X2 Producer version, we're able to fit music to your videos and/or presentations.

Video editing is done with the latest Adobe software, using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. This means we can perform everything from simple edits to small videos to use on your website, to full-blown cinematic productions in surround sound!