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  • Put Your Own Wedding Magazine Online

    When you make a magazine iwth us, we'll put it online so you can send a link to anyone you like..
  • On-the-day Photo Album

    You and your guests can upload photographs to your very own web area - capture the moment in the moment..
  • Your Own Web Area.

    We can give you your own wedding micro-site - keep your guests up to date and tell your story online.
  • Online Invitations

    Save time and money on invites and postage and also keep track of who's accepted and remind your guests nearer the date.

Online loveliness

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Making use of our advanced workflows, we're able to apply the Dynamic Publishing arm of our business to make every Wedding special.

CSS3 The resulting publications can also be made for viewing on iPad, iPhone, Android and Tablet formats.


We've developed a range of services to help make your wedding special. You can make your own wedding magazine, bringing in articles from your Best Man, Chief Bridesmaid(s), and any other guests you'd like to feature.

We can even bring you a magazine On the Day!